Shorefront Legacy Center

Sherman is now honored to host the Shorefront Legacy Center, a non-profit organization dedicated to recording the historical achievements of the Black community in the Northern suburbs of Chicago.

In response to the lack of documentation, founder Morris (Dino) Robinson began a research initiative in 1995. Early research led to a series of articles, small exhibits, and conversations with community members, resulting in the rediscovery of a local Black history dating back more than 150 years. Before these activities, no written documentation of depth had been produced, researched, or thoroughly archived for public use. The work of Mr. Robinson and other committed residents evolved to become Shorefront.

Shorefront was first introduced to the public in 1999 in the form of an informal quarterly newsletter and several small exhibits. In response to positive feedback and a need for this subject- specific information, Shorefront established itself as a nonprofit on June 6, 2002, and installed its first, sixteen-member board of directors. The first board members consisted of those who had been involved and supportive of the earlier research efforts since 1996.

In 2009, Shorefront opened the Shorefront Legacy Center. The accessible center houses over 80 linear feet of archival material (and growing!), a library and a gallery. The center has been host to several topical forums, conferences on genealogy, video screenings and discussion, author book readings and youth programs.

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