To All Fisk Sponsors and Concert Attendees:

Praise God! The 2016 Fisk Fund Raiser and Church Anniversary event was a smashing success! We had a later start in pulling it together this year, and we had a very aggressive goal of raising $10,000.00 for the Fisk Choir. But God…..! Through His Blessings we were able to exceed the goal, for the first time in the ten year relationship we have enjoyed with Fisk.  Through the generous sponsors and concert guest donations we raised $10,904.26 for the Fisk General Scholarship Fund, our largest donation in the ten years we have partnered with Fisk! What a way to celebrate Sherman’s 94th Anniversary! The Fisk committee came together and provided all seed funds and other expenses for the concert, allowing for more of the donations to go to Fisk and SUMC. As always, the reception meal was donated by MacArthur’s Restaurant as a donation to this major event.

We would like to offer our heartfelt Thank you to the sponsors and all the members of Sherman United Methodist Church for their support and efforts in making this event a success! Without your generous donations of funds and time we could not have completed this year’s mission! Thank God for all of you!

A special Thank You goes out to the 2016 Fisk Committee as they worked tirelessly to ensure we had a great concert and a successful fundraising event for both Fisk and SUMC.


Thank You,
Fisk Committee Members:

Basil Clunie                 Cheryl Kendrick                     Dino Robinson
Gloria Hamilton         Lawrence Hamilton               Mildred Parker
Tramaine Parker        Venita Fields                           Veronica Stanford-Davenport
Garry Archie – Chair              Rev. Dr. Barbara Morgan, Pastor

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