Dan Davis is a dedicated educator with more than 30 years of focus on the upward mobility of youth and the enrichment of the community. He has initiated and cultivated youth and alternative programs while managing a staff of 60 – 80 professionals (i.e., doctors, nurses, medical technicians, teachers), administrators (i.e. program directors and auxiliary directors), interns and students. He is able to claim expertise in teaching formal education while building character, enhancing life skills and cultivating critical thinking. He has used his abilities to bring structure to unstructured and undefined projects, processes, procedures and situations and to build strong supportive teams. Dan’s governing principles are: honesty, sincerity, loyalty, tenacity, consistency and perseverance.

Dan joined Central City Productions, Inc. (CCP) on October 24, 2005 in Airport Advertising and is now the National Sales Director. Dan is a dedicated manager of the marketing and advertising focus of CCP and is consistently implementing strategies for improving the CCP bottom line, as well as managing all protocols for CCP advertisers.

• Board of Education, 1967 – present, supervise, organize and conduct basketball clinics for local Chicago
Board Of Education Coaches
• Mayor Summer Youth Employment Training Program, 1976 – 1979 (summers)
• University of Chicago, IL English Tutor in Office of Special Programs, 1976 – 1978 (part-time)
• Chicago Park District, Recreation Specialist, 1967- 1975 (summer)
• Chicago Park District, Area Supervisor of Recreation, 1974 -1975
• Coaching the Upper Deck European Professional Basketball Tour, 1997-1999
• Worked with such greats as Dr. John McClendon, Tex Winter, Al McGuirre, Red Hotzman and Dick Versace
• Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, M.A. Health and Physical Education
• Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, BS Education
• Crane High School, Chicago, IL, Diploma