Sometimes the clutter of the daily routine we forget to listen for God’s voice. We may not recognize God’s voice when he calls. Day 1 of Shining Star VBS we learned a lesson about what we are to do when God calls – listen.

Today’s VBS lesson came from the book of 1 Samuel ch. 3. Before he was born, Hannah, Samuel’s mother, prayed to God for a son and promised to dedicate him to the service of God. Hannah’s prayer was answered, and when he was three, Samuel’s parents brought him to God’s temple at Shiloh and gave him into the care of the chief priest Eli.

Eli was old, and his sons were corrupt. God told Eli his position would pass to Samuel. Samuel grew under Eli’s care and one night heard a voice calling his name as he slept in the sanctuary near the Ark of the Covenant. Samuel immediately rushed to Eli’s room to ask his teacher what he needed, but Eli had not called and sent Samuel back to bed. When this happened a second and third time, Eli knew the boy was hearing the voice of God. He sent Samuel again to bed telling him to answer when the voice called. Samuel did as his teacher said, and answered, “Speak, your servant is listening.”

God’s call is ever present in our lives, but we may be too busy with ourselves to realize. In Matthew 18:2-3, Christ tells us we must have faith like a child – ears ready to hear and eyes ready to see, open hearts ready to receive our Lord and minds eager to be instructed by God’s Word. In a world full of its own turmoil, we often put our own agendas between us and God. We must not only pray for God’s power and guidance, but also stop getting in our own way. Wait patiently and listen.